Solstice is a three-dimensional structure, a cube standing on the podium. Materials: Metal, tissue paper, plywood, acrylic paint, video.

Edges of the cube are manufactured from cross-connected steel angles. Angle clips hold rectangular piles of tissue paper. Video is demonstrated behind the object, its light penetrates through the sheets of paper. At the intersection of the vertical and horizontal lines there is a shining star formed by a floodlight.
Installation Solstice draws a viewer into it. He is expected to experience a small introspective journey. A person entering the installation space goes towards a brightly glowing cross. When standing inside the cube with his eyes closed, the viewer discovers a light cross inside himself. At the same time everyone outside observes a glow around him revealing presence of the inner light and making an attempt to get to know their own nature.
Entrance to the cubic structure installation lays through a cross. The cross is the intersection of spirit and matter, inner and outer worlds, opposites and contradictions in the point “a Man”. Emotional experience of that is a flash, an insight. Doubts, fears, falls and take-offs. This is the endless search, the eternal question within a space of life limited by death. Weightless white sheets of paper fixed to the construction is a metaphor of subtle thoughts that never turn into words. This is a book of silence, a book containing as a vacuum the potency of all things — a story of a “space Man” that became a Star, Sun, Light.


SOLSTICE, Installation
2014 International Festival «LUCIDA Space»
National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA), the International Festival «TodaysArt» and “Moscow Exhibition Halls” Association
“Na Kashirke” Gallery, Moscow
Curators: Vitaly Patsyukov (NCCA), Olof van Winden (TodaysArt).
Materials: video, fans, metal, tissue paper
Size: 240 x 180 x 180 cm, 500 x 300 cm


The sun of childhood lights up small events, and they become great and significant for the entire Universe.
The sun of childhood is an ideal for everyone.
The artist decides to never take up the brush again. He destroys his work as there is no perfection in it.
Yet, this day the sky turned out to be gray and he can’t help drawing the sun.